Just 50 km north of Ljubljana is a beautiful lake, surrounded by the mountains and a small town. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Slovenia will take your breath away. Turquoise water and a church on a tiny island set a perfect romantic landscape. Even better, you can hire a local rowers to take you to the island. While listening a murmur of paddle going in and out of the water, you can feel the serenity of the area.

Besides the lake and the island, there is the oldest castle in Slovenia, situated above the lake. The view from upthere is astonishing and you can see entire panorama of the lake and the town of Bled. The castle was built in late medieval period, and throughout all those centuries, local bishops were renting the castle to some noble families.

Our tour starts in front of the castle, where we drop you off. If necessary, we assist you in purchasing tickets. After seeing the castle, you take a path down to the lake, where you can walk as much as you like. If you want, you can rent pletna, the rowing boat that takes you to the island (that tour lasts for 100 minutes). When you are back on the land again, you can choose if you want to have a lunch, a drink, a dessert (Bled’s kremšnita is the most famous pastry in Slovenia), or you want to proceed to Ljubljana.