Postojna Cave & Predjama

Postojna Cave

Join us for spectacular experience in the underground labyrinth of tunnels inside a cave whose paths stretch over 20 kilometres. Thanks to erosive activity of the river Pivka, cave’s layout consists of 3 levels. At the main entrance, you choose a tour group based on your preferred language. Then the fun starts: you enter the small, but fast electric train, which drives for 10 minutes. Great experience for the youngest! After that, you continue your tour with a licenced guide, and, after numerous breath-taking things to see, you can buy a picture of your family, that was shot during a tour. Entire tour lasts around 90 minutes.
Throughout the millions of years the Mother Nature carved thousands of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that share a home with many animal species. Some animals are endemic, and they can be found only in that cave. The most famous one is olm, or, as locals like to call it – baby dragon.


• Brilliant – the symbol of the cave
• Spaghetti hall
• Concert hall
• Stalagmites and stalactites
• Olm – the endemic animal

Postojna Predjama
Postojna Predjama Castle

Trip duration between Zagreb and Postojna is around 2 hours, so it depends on you which tour you want to catch: the tour starts every full hour. For example, to catch a 10 o’clock tour, we should start at 7:00 – 7:15. After the cave, we can proceed to the castle, which is 10 km away. That castle (Predjamski grad) is one of the 10 most fascinating castles in the world. Castle itself lays on a 123 m high cliff, and is basically carved into the cave entrance. Whenever under the siege, castle was unconquerable, because defenders could go in and out throughout many underground tunnels that connected castle with the outside world, behind enemies back. Slovenian version of Robin Hood – Erazmo Predjamski, lived in that castle. He was a knight that rebelled against the Royal forces.

Witnessing that beautiful sceneries, we are ready to proceed to the Slovenia’s capital and the biggest city – Ljubljana.