Plitvice Lakes


Join us on a private tour to Plitvice Lakes, and explore the No. 1 UNESCO-listed National Park, also known as the ‘Heaven Garden of Europe.’ Experience the beauty of cascading waterfallsand lush surroundings.


Don’t wait and skip the line at Plitvice !

Waiting lines for getting entrance tickets are extremely long during high summer season…special if you are not used to stay on the sun.
With tourist season a large number of visitors is visiting our park which results in crowds and waiting. Our wish is that you experience Plitvice Lakes in the best possible way and this does not include waiting in lines.

We will preorder entrance ticket for Plitvice national park for you and you will skip the line on the entrance. This Skip-the-line service is available together with the English speaking guide only so you can move more smoothly in the park too. The guide will pickup tickets on your arrival and you will enter directly… recommended in the high season and during hot summer days.

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Budapest 475€
Ljubljana 215€
Osijek 415€
Slavonski Brod 325€
Vienna 490€
Vinkovci 405€
Vukovar 425€
Zagreb (Airport) 145€
Zagreb (Hotel) 145€