General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


Article 1


  • Before making a reservation, you must read, understand and accept Terms and Conditions. If you don’t understand Terms and Conditions, we strongly recommend that you contact our Customer Support Service, available via email address or telephone numbers you will find in the Contact section.
  • By filling out the Booking Form and/or using or utilizing the Service, you acknowledge that you have carefully read, understood and fully accepted all provisions laid out in these Terms and Conditions and the Booking Form, as well as your capacity to enter into legally binding contracts on behalf of yourself and/or any other Passengers. The Booking form shall be considered an integral and essential component of these Terms and Conditions.


Article 2


  • “Company” (also: “We”, “Our”) refers to In Travel International d.o.o., a company with its registered seat at the address Zagreb (City of Zagreb), Horvatovac 85, Croatia, registered with the Court registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, Croatia, under registration number (MBS): 080921498, PIN (OIB): 11508424665, represented by the Director Anita Pevek Skorić and Frane Skorić.
  • “Passenger” (also: “Buyer,” “Customer,” “Client,” “You,” “Your”) refers to a person using the Zagreb Transfer’s Services for a fee, or a person ordering the use of the Company’s services in person or via telephone, or any visitor to one of Zagreb Transfer’s Internet pages who completes the electronic order form (hereby known as: “Booking Form”). Either the use or usage of the Company’s Services, or the completion of the Booking Form, shall mean that the Passenger has entered into a legally binding contractual relationship with the Company.
  • “Lead Passenger” refers to the person whose name is listed first on the Booking Form (see below.) Unless stated otherwise, this Person bears responsibility for communicating with the Company, with any of its representatives, as well as for making any changes to the Service subsequent to its ordering or for making special requests and/or directions during the Service.
  • “Service” refers to trips organized by and on behalf of the Company and booked by or on behalf of the Client. A Service consists of, but is not limited to, Transportation Services, and various Guided and/or Curated Activities, as well as the Brokering of such Services for or on behalf of the Client. A Client may book a Service consisting of a single component, such a single Activity or a single Transportation Service. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, Transportation Services refers to chauffeured vehicle rentals or “transfers.”
  • “Confirmation” or “Voucher” refers to a written document confirming the Ordering of a Service, which includes all details listed in the Booking Form unless otherwise specified, sent to you via e-mail or printed from a computer and provided to you in person.


Article 3


  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the Service shall consist of trips in the form of Chauffeured Vehicle Rentals or “transfers.” The “vehicle” refers to a car or van. Unless otherwise stated, all Services shall begin and end at a predetermined location as entered on the Booking Form. Additional Services, such as participation in various activities or the services of an expert guide to the pertinent locality or activity, may be ordered as needed.
  • Chauffeured Vehicle Rentals are Transportation Services over land. The exact route to be taken cannot be guaranteed. Likewise, every reasonable effort will be made to respect departure and travel times as stated on the Booking Form and our website; however, all times are approximate estimates.
  • Both the pick-up and the drop-off address must be written clearly and formally as the valid address of a unique geographical location belonging to the area of the Transfer’s destination. Jargon, acronyms or visual descriptions are permitted only as supplements to the formal address in order to help locate it. We accept no liability for any transfer delays or cancellations because of an incorrectly specified address. Moreover, in case that either the pick-up or the drop-off address are inside a car-free zone, we commit only to using the nearest possible location. We cannot be held accountable for any loss or discomfort arising from such circumstances.
  • A Transfer Confirmation will be sent to you via email as soon as we have processed your booking. You should print this Confirmation and show it to your driver.


Article 4


  • Passenger who wants to make a reservation must be over 18 and have a valid credit / debit card.
    Reservation is carried out online, by filling all the necessary forms.
  • Passenger who enters the data is responsible for their validity. The Transfer provider company does not bear any responsibility for wrongly entered or untrue information.
    Passenger who enters the data for the group accepts the terms in the name of the whole group, and is responsible for the whole group.
  • Passenger is required to sign a transfer agreement according to the law in Croatia.
    It is Passenger’s responsibility to review the Confirmation and immediately report any errors or faults to our Customer Service in written form, preferably by email.


Article 5


  • Each passenger is permitted to bring the standard suitcase or travel bag, and one piece of hand luggage the same size that is allowed in airline traffic, a total of two pieces of luggage.
    Transfer provider company is not obligated to transport any extra luggage that was not declared in a reservation if there is not enough room in the vehicle.
    The Transfer provider company is not responsible for the content of luggage. Neither Transfer provider company nor any of its contracted or sub-contracted drivers will accept responsibility for luggage loss or damage. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their luggage is loaded/unloaded at all times, if accompanying the luggage on the journey. Transfer provider company and/or its contracted or sub-contracted drivers have the right to refuse any client or to make the journey due to the client having excess luggage which would result in the vehicle being unsafe whilst in motion.


Article 6


  • Children under 12 cannot use our service unless they are accompanied by an adult. Children 12 to 18 years have to have a certified written permission of a parent.
    For children up to 5 years in the Private transfer, children’s seat is compulsory. Since the children’s seat takes up one seating place in a vehicle, the child counts as an adult passenger.
  • Child seats and booster seats are available on request. Please note that we cannot be held accountable if any children traveling with you cannot fit into age-appropriate seats. You should mention this possibility when you book our Service.


Article 7


  • Passenger may change reservation details at any time. Administrative fees for changes to the data will be charged as follows:
    – all changes (up to 24 hours before transfer) are free
    – changes made less than 24 hours before the transfer will be charged EUR 10,00
    All requests for a change must be made in writing and sent by an email containing all relevant data. If the transfer changes are possible, they will become valid only after they are confirmed by Transfer provider company.
    If the price of new transfer is larger than the amount paid, customer will be charged for the difference. If the price of the new transfer is lower than the amount paid, the difference will be returned.
    Cancellation of the transfer is subject to special rules:
    – In case of cancellation of transfer 48 or more hours before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will return the amount paid
    – In case of cancellation of transfer 47 hours 59 minutes or less before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will NOT return the amount paid at all.
  • If the transfer is cancelled within 30 days before the date agreed because of the force majeure (natural disasters, death or serious illness of family members, etc.) Transfer provider Company will return the entire amount paid. Client is obliged to provide valid proof in support of their demands.


Article 8


  • If a customer is arriving by airplane, driver will wait for 60 minutes free of charge.
    If the flight is delayed, waiting time starts when the airplane lands. After 60 minutes of gratis waiting time, customer may be charged extra. For other pick-up points the maximum free-of-charge waiting time is 15 minutes. After that time expires, customer may be charged extra.
    If the customer can’t find the driver, he/she first must contact the driver – only in case You can not reach the driver, please contact our Call Center immediately and act upon instructions received.
    If the customer fails to do so within 60 minutes or 15 minutes (see above) gratis waiting time, the driver is free to leave the pick-up point and the transfer will be considered a “no-show”.
  • “No-show” is a situation where the customer fails to be at the pick-up point on the pick-up date at the pick-up time. “No-show” transfer is charged in full, like it was carried out successfully. If customer has paid a deposit the same will not be refunded. If the customer provided a faulty pick-up address or no address at all during the online booking process, a “no-show” rule applies. It is customer’s responsibility to provide a pick-up address accessible by the vehicle selected.


Article 9


  • All vehicles that are used for transfers are properly inspected and ensured in accordance with the laws of the Croatian country.
    Passengers insurance is included in the price of the transfer.
    A passenger under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances won’t be allowed to enter a vehicle and will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.
    A passenger whose behavior endangers the safety of driver, other passengers or other participants in traffic will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to local police department.
    Smoking, consuming food and beverages, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy are water and soft drinks in bottles. Everything else has to be approved by the driver or Transfer provider’s representative.


Article 10


  • Transfer provider company is required to perform all the services responsibly and professionally, in accordance with the laws of the Croatian country.
    Transfer provider company can have their rights and obligations partially or fully transferred to a third person or persons, according to his own choice and without prior notice.
    Verbal agreements between the client and Transfer provider company must subsequently be confirmed in written form (e-mail, fax), otherwise are considered invalid.
    Transfer provider company is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure caused by unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds, extremely poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires and so on (force major), and is not required to indemnify passengers.
  • In case that client is not able to establish contact with our driver at the agreed place in the agreed time, client is required to contact our call-center as soon as possible at 00385914664060, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number.
  • In case that a client is delayed for any reason, client is required to contact first our call-center as soon as possible at 00385914664060, where he will receive further instructions. Keep a note of our number.
  • In case that selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason, Transfer provider company can perform the transfer using another appropriate vehicle.
  • In case that the transfer has not been made, in whole or in part, Transfer provider company is required to refund the amount paid in full. The client is required to obtain and present evidence in support of their claims. Complaints must be submitted within 48 hours. Complaints without grounds or submitted after 48 hours will be disregarded.
  • Transfer provider company is required to consider all complaints and make a decision on them within 15 days.
  • If a client is entitled to a refund, Transfer provider company is required to return the amount in question within 30 days.
  • All issues will be attempted to resolve by an agreement out of court.
  • All the disputes will be presented before a Court in Croatia.


Article 11


  • The Company shall be considered released from its obligations as per these Terms and Conditions if the Company or any of its representatives and contracted partners are unable to fulfill their obligations as a consequence of force majeure arising after the ordering of the Service.
  • Force majeure refers to emergency events that could neither be predicted by the Company nor prevented by reasonable measures.
  • Events arising from force majeure are those for which the Company is not responsible and/or cannot influence them, but they considerably affect the provision of the Service. Such events are, for example, an earthquake, a flood, a fire, strikes, government regulations or orders of state bodies, military actions of any character etc.


Article 12


  • Any form of travel involves a degree of personal risk. Your decision to use or utilize our Service indicates that you have understood and accepted the risks involved. It is essential that you adhere strictly to safety instructions given by our and/or Partner staff. Likewise, if any Passenger feels uncomfortable or uncertain about taking part in any Activity, the appropriate staff members should be alerted immediately. You are under no obligation to take part in any Activity which you have ordered. We recommend that you take out travel insurance whenever you take a trip of any length.


Article 13


  • If a Passenger misses a connecting flight or any other means of transportation due to circumstances not directly and entirely under our control, we cannot be held accountable, nor can we be expected to cover the resulting expenses. Whether or not circumstances are directly and entirely under our control shall be determined solely and exclusively by us. In such cases the Company commits to issuing a full refund for the cost of the transfer only. Additionally, if we have booked other means of transportation for the Passenger at the Passenger’s request, such as purchasing ferry tickets, then the cost of these additional transportation services will also be refunded. The cost of any special requests made by the Client other than connecting transportation is non-refundable.


Article 14


  • Your privacy is our priority. We are committed to protecting your personal information at all times, in all situations. Your name and address information is used solely to process bookings unless your prior consent is given. This information will never be sold, given, rented or traded to others for purposes other than order fulfillment. Data is available only to authorized officers of the Transfer provider company. All of our employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principle of protection of privacy.

Article 15


  • Protection of personal data in accordance with the General Regulation on data protection of the European Parliament and Council No.  2016/679-Regulation and implementation of the General Data Protection  Regulation WSPay as a credit card authorization and credit card performer processes  personal data as a processing agent and processes personal data in  accordance with the General Regulation on the  rotection of Data of the  European Parliament and Council No. 2016/679 and the strict rules of the  PCI DSS L1 Regulations on Protection of Registrations and data transfer. WSPay uses 256-bit encryption SSL certificate  nd TLS 1.2 cryptographic  protocol as the highest degree of data protection and data security. Personal data used for authorization and collection purposes, or for  performance of the contract or contract obligations, are  onsidered  confidential. WSPay does not process personal data except for the purpose of executing  authorization and billing. WSPay warrants compliance with all the terms and conditions laid down in  the applicable  ersonal data protection regulations for personal data  processing executives, and in particular the taking of all necessary  technical, organizational and security measures, in particular with the  PCI DSS L1 Certified.